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Teaching and Learning Certificate Program: Not Just for (Traditional) Educators!

I began working at the Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) as an administrative assistant and a graduate student in counseling in August of 2017. I was immediately in awe of the array of professional development opportunities TLA provides to foster growth, education and exploration. After speaking with Erin Sella, the Associate Director of Teaching […]

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Does Your Syllabus Need a Checkup?

What does your syllabus communicate to your students? How can you structure it to best represent what your students will need to do in order to demonstrate their learning? Visit the DePaul Teaching Commons’ upcoming Faculty Syllabus Clinic to get answers for these questions and to discover other ways to enhance your syllabus. Representatives from […]

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Defining a Learning Goal

As we all know, it is critical to have clear goals defined first when we are designing a learning experience for either ourselves or our students. In Julie Dirksen’ book, Design for How People Learn, she discussed three important steps that I found helpful in determining the path for the learners. I. Identify the problem you […]

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Ruben Parra with books.

Being an Effective Teacher (Part 2)

As part of my efforts to become a better and more effective teacher, I have immersed myself in the literature about effective teaching. I had two fundamental questions I wanted to find answers for or at least some insights about: 1) What does it mean to be an effective teacher? 2) What are some of […]

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Orientation Towards Assesment Blog Post

What’s Your Orientation Towards Assessment?

This year’s Teaching and Learning Conference will focus on the theme “Beyond Grades: Capturing Authentic Learning.”  I’d like to dig into this theme a little more.  One may reasonably ask do you assume that grades don’t capture authentic learning?  I think to capture some of the nuances this theme, we need to think about our […]

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Helping Students Explore Their Vocations

Please, God, Send Us More Priests Some of the most important questions we can ask our students to reflect on during their time here at DePaul centers around the idea of vocation. The word vocation, which stems from the Latin term vocatio, meaning “a calling, a being called”, originates from Christianity and in that context is often understood to be the process of […]

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Supporting our DePaul Community

As educators and advocates within the DePaul community, we recognize how major events can impact us and our students. Often times, these events inspire a variety of emotions and can cause people to feel anxious or upset. When these emotions are present in the classroom it can be difficult to know how to respond and […]

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing Your Course

When you work in education, summer can be a time for reflection and revision. Faculty often use this time to rework their courses and syllabi. Traditionally when one revises a course they: Find texts and supporting materials Divide readings and homework throughout the quarter Determine a method for assessing students’ performance And, boom! Your course is […]

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Planning an Effective Classroom Discussion

The first time I realized facilitating classroom discussion was not as an easy task as it seemed to be was when I was assigned as a weekly facilitator in one of my graduate classes. There were around 25 students in the room from various backgrounds counting on my facilitation. Although I read all the materials […]

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Participants in the 2016 Teaching & Learning Conference at DePaul

TLCON16 Recap

It’s been over a month since 200+ DePaul faculty and staff came together for the 2016 Teaching and Learning Conference. Watch the video below for a quick 3 minute recap, including impressions from conference participants and the keynote speaker of the day, Jillian Kinzie. In case you missed Jillian’s keynote, you can watch it  over on the conference webpage. […]

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