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Measuring DePaul’s University-Wide Learning Outcomes

In October of 2012, DePaul University unveiled new university-wide learning goals and outcomes.  These were the result of the combined work of an institution-wide committee who defined the essential knowledge, skills, values, and ethics all DePaul students should obtain by the time they graduate.  However, it is not enough to simply define what DePaul students should learn, we also need a way of measuring what students did learn.


For more than a decade, DePaul has been measuring student learning in each of is curricular and co-curricular programs through annual program assessment projects and reports.    However, this work is based on program-specific learning goals and outcomes.  Caryn Chaden, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, came up with an idea to use this existing process to measure the most recent institution-wide learning goals and outcomes.  Caryn’s idea was conceptually rather simple: align each individual program’s learning outcomes to the institutional learning outcomes.  In this way, the results of programs’ assessment projects could be used to measure institutional learning outcomes, eliminating redundancies in measuring student learning and saving DePaul’s most precious resource: our faculty and staff’s time.

The project is currently underway and will be completed by August of 2014.  However, this project would not be possible without the commitment and hard work of DePaul’s faculty and staff.  While I cannot publicly acknowledge each individual who has dedicated their time to this project, I would like to acknowledge DePaul’s Assessment Advisory Board, who is playing a key role in implementing this large, institution-wide project.

Judy Bundra School of Music
Caryn Chaden Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean Corrin Theatre School
Paula Dempsey Library
Lauri Dietz University Center for Writing-based Learning
Seth Horning DePaul Academic Advising Network
Debbie Howard College of Law
Misty Johanson College of Business
Chris Jones School of Music
Zongmin Kang College of Education
Ellen Meents-Decaigny Student Affairs
Rick Niedziela College of Science & Health
Ruben Parra Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Mark Pohlad Liberal Studies Program
Kay Yoon College of Communications
Terry Steinbach College of Computing and Digital Media
Jen Sweet Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Gretchen Wilbur School for New Learning
Midge Wilson College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Jim Wolfinger College of Education


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