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Assessment Certificate Program

Beginning this fall, DePaul will be offering an exciting new professional development opportunity to faculty and staff – the Assessment Certificate Program (ACP)!

The ACP is the result of a collaboration between academic affairs and student affairs at both DePaul University and Loyola University Chicago. It will present not just an exciting opportunity to learn more about the assessment of student learning, but also an opportunity to interact with colleagues from academic affairs and student affairs at two different Chicago Catholic universities.  Faculty and staff from either institution will be able to register for and participate in workshops offered at either school.

Any faculty or staff member at either institution will be eligible to participate in individual workshops – or to participate in the entire program and receive an Assessment Certificate.

To receive an Assessment Certificate, participants will need to complete five steps:

1. Register for the Assessment Certificate Program
2. Attend the Introduction to Assessment workshop at your home institution.
3. Attend four assessment workshops based on your interests and needs.
4. Propose and complete a culminating project based on your assessment interests and needs.
5. Attend a final workshop to present and discuss your culminating project.
Receive your Assessment Certificate!

We are looking forward to this exciting new program and hope many of you will take advantage of this new professional development opportunity!

For more information on the Assessment Certificate Program, please visit our website.

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