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Supporting our DePaul Community

As educators and advocates within the DePaul community, we recognize how major events can impact us and our students. Often times, these events inspire a variety of emotions and can cause people to feel anxious or upset. When these emotions are present in the classroom it can be difficult to know how to respond and support your students.

Support Resources for Today, November 9th

The Division of Student Affairs has identified on both campuses, where students and staff can gather (the Romero Room until noon, the OSI conference room in the afternoon and LPSC 313 all day until 4:30—contact Emily Kraus to schedule time in 313).  The Division is also coordinating lunch for staff in both the Loop (Lewis 1401) and Lincoln Park (OSI conference room) from 12-1 p.m.

Ongoing Support

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The following programs, workshops, and events may help you feel better equipped to support this type of dialogue in your class.

BUILD Certificate Program

The BUILD Diversity Certificate program reflects DePaul University’s commitment to create a learning culture that values diversity and inclusion. The certification program helps participants develop cultural competencies, offering the tools necessary for linking diversity to organizational and work performance, and connecting the university’s Vincentian mission of dignity and respect for all individuals to our core operating business principles.

DePaul Race and Free Speech Speaker Series

The Office of the President, in collaboration with Academic Affairs, Institutional Diversity and Equity and Government Affairs, is sponsoring the Series on Race & Free Speech. These events offer perspectives across the political spectrum on race; the current political climate; and free speech and hate speech.

Navigating Racial Microaggression in the Classroom

This interactive session offered by the DePaul Teaching Commons  will provide an overview of racial microaggressions and how they can impact teaching and the classroom environment. Participants will be given an opportunity for personal and group reflection on their own experience in the classroom in an effort to develop strategies for creating inclusive learning spaces for both themselves and their students.

Additional Resources

If you or your students need additional support please keep the below resources in mind.

University Counseling Services

Center for Identity, Inclusion, and Social Change

Office of Student Involvement

University Ministry

Health Promotion and Wellness

Dean of Students  

This post is co-authored by Sara Hernandez, TLA Assistant Director for Supplemental Instruction. 


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