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Defining a Learning Goal

As we all know, it is critical to have clear goals defined first when we are designing a learning experience for either ourselves or our students. In Julie Dirksen’ book, Design for How People Learn, she discussed three important steps that I found helpful in determining the path for the learners. I. Identify the problem you […]

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Planning an Effective Classroom Discussion

The first time I realized facilitating classroom discussion was not as an easy task as it seemed to be was when I was assigned as a weekly facilitator in one of my graduate classes. There were around 25 students in the room from various backgrounds counting on my facilitation. Although I read all the materials […]

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Student falling asleep while studying. Image by Flickr user <a href="">CollegeDegrees360</a>.

Facilitating Situational Interest in Class

As lifelong learners, we are learning continuously. Along the way, there have always been some things that interested us, while other things didn’t. At the same time, there also have been some things that we didn’t find interesting at first, but later they appear intriguing because of the way they are presented. In higher education, students have the autonomy to choose […]

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