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Does Your Syllabus Need a Checkup?

What does your syllabus communicate to your students? How can you structure it to best represent what your students will need to do in order to demonstrate their learning? Visit the DePaul Teaching Commons’ upcoming Faculty Syllabus Clinic to get answers for these questions and to discover other ways to enhance your syllabus. Representatives from […]

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Man's feet standing on "You Are Here" sign

Helping Students Explore Their Vocations

Please, God, Send Us More Priests Some of the most important questions we can ask our students to reflect on during their time here at DePaul centers around the idea of vocation. The word vocation, which stems from the Latin term vocatio, meaning “a calling, a being called”, originates from Christianity and in that context is often understood to be the process of […]

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Participants in the 2016 Teaching & Learning Conference at DePaul

TLCON16 Recap

It’s been over a month since 200+ DePaul faculty and staff came together for the 2016 Teaching and Learning Conference. Watch the video below for a quick 3 minute recap, including impressions from conference participants and the keynote speaker of the day, Jillian Kinzie. In case you missed Jillian’s keynote, you can watch it  over on the conference webpage. […]

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M3D printer connected to laptop

What a 3D Printer Taught Me About Learning

If you aren’t an ardent follower of the maker movement, or involved in it yourself, you might have missed the hype about 3D printing. 3D printing has grown from a niche market for creating prototypes into a multi-billion dollar business that’s attracted the attention of President Obama, who has noted its potential for bringing back […]

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Women construction workers

Britain’s Bet on a “Teaching Excellence Framework”

An experiment in higher education is set to begin—or really continue—as Britain moves forward with reforms to its higher education sector, begun in 2012 under Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s coalition government. Earlier this month, the English minister for universities and science, Jo Johnson, announced a national project for assessing teaching in higher education, called the […]

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The Best Graduation Advice

What’s the best advice you can give a new graduate? Might it be contained in one word, like that famous line from 1967’s The Graduate, where the character played by Dustin Hoffman receives an enigmatic tip from a family friend? Skipping ahead almost 5o years, someone looking to make a prediction about a future lucrative career might as […]

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San Jorge, Nicaragua

Solidarity: A different kind of international education

The other day I ran into a professor from Japan. Our chance meeting would have been unremarkable except for the fact that my wife and I, upon meeting the professor, had found ourselves completely lost on a road that rounds the Laguna de Apoyo, a crater lake about 50 miles outside of Managua, Nicaragua. Nowhere near our intended destination, we were […]

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Services to Help Our Students Succeed

One of the things I like best about DePaul is the sheer number of services that are available to our students. Many are focused on helping students achieve academic success: from free software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud to writing help at the Writing Center and tutoring in the Learning Commons–and everything else in between–there is […]

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Photo of little girl holding card that says "Keep it up"

Increasing student motivation

In a recent op-ed appearing in the New York Times, psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski and Barry Schwartz summarized the results of their recent study  on the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. People with intrinsic (or internal) motivation, as the psychologists Deci and Ryan (2008) describe, are “people who perform activities because of the positive feelings […]

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