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The DePaul Catholic School in Germantown, Philadelphia

Learning Outside the Classroom

“Who wants to work with the young ones, the first-graders?” Ms. Coleman asked. I raised my hand slowly, thinking I might be a better tutor to children who are around my niece’s and nephew’s ages. “Okay, you’ll be working in Mr. Durnell’s and Ms. Gladys’ classroom.” While I was a bit anxious at first, especially […]

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Image of globe with greetings in different languages

Learning Across Borders

What do English grad students studying creative writing in Birmingham and Mexican college students studying Information Technology in Tabasco have in common? Probably more than you might think, given the fact that they–and we–live in an increasingly connected world. But soon there will be one more point of confluence: Both groups will collaborate across borders with […]

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Photograph of Megan Greeson

Faculty Spotlight: An Interview with Megan Greeson

Megan Greeson is a professor in the College of Science and Health. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the clinical and community psychology programs. What’s the biggest challenge you encounter in teaching, and how do you respond to this challenge?  One of the biggest challenges I face is getting students engaged in my statistics […]

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Making the Most Out of Office Hours

Having in mind the theme of our upcoming Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, “Full Contact Teaching: Making the Most of Class Time,” I reflected on what other student-faculty contact opportunities there are that could be used more effectively. I realized that in my experience more often than not office hours tend to be used non-effectively, or […]

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Students working together in a cluster

Anyone? Anyone? How to Facilitate Engaging Group Discussions

Group discussion in the classroom is an extremely effective technique for helping students achieve your course learning outcomes.  The book Teaching at its Best cites group discussion as a helpful tool for affording students the opportunity to: examine and change attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors, explore unfamiliar ideas open-mindedly, engage in deep learning, think critically, problem solve, actively listen, transfer knowledge […]

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Sketch of a Dachshund

Amazing Learning from Amazing People

A Selected Recollection of my Teaching and Learning Experiences PART 1 Ever since I was a little boy, I have been blessed with plenty of opportunities for teaching to and learning from others both in academic and non-academic activities. Going back to my first grade times, I recall an assignment where I was asked to […]

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Photo of letters

Alphabet Soup: Decoding DePaul’s Acronyms

When I started working at DePaul, just over a year ago, I immediately became confused. I was getting emails from Dr. so and so from MPH in LAS. I felt like everyone was speaking a foreign language for which I had received no training. I thought for sure I had missed receiving my “DePaul to […]

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Graphic of people connected to an image of a book

Fostering a Culture of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) at DePaul

One of the central purposes given by DePaul University’s mission statement regards research broadly (emphasis mine): Research is supported both for its intrinsic merit and for the practical benefits it offers to faculty, students, and society. Broadly conceived, research at the university entails not only the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge but also the […]

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Peggy Maki

Moving forward with SoTL

You may have heard about a trend in higher education called the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, or SoTL. Here in the Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment we are committed to increasing awareness of and interest in SoTL on campus. Our effort started in earnest in 2013, but we aim to make 2014 the […]

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