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Photo of little girl holding card that says "Keep it up"

Increasing student motivation

In a recent op-ed appearing in the New York Times, psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski and Barry Schwartz summarized the results of their recent study  on the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. People with intrinsic (or internal) motivation, as the psychologists Deci and Ryan (2008) describe, are “people who perform activities because of the positive feelings […]

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2014 Teaching and Learning Conference Wordle

Reflecting on the 2014 Teaching and Learning Conference

I always leave conferences feeling inspired by new ideas and enthusiastic about applying them to my work. However, like many other conference-goers, I don’t always take time to articulate the most important concepts that I’m taking away and how I plan to act on them. After attending this year’s Annual DePaul Faculty Teaching and Learning Conference, I’m taking […]

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Image of globe with greetings in different languages

Learning Across Borders

What do English grad students studying creative writing in Birmingham and Mexican college students studying Information Technology in Tabasco have in common? Probably more than you might think, given the fact that they–and we–live in an increasingly connected world. But soon there will be one more point of confluence: Both groups will collaborate across borders with […]

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Photograph of Megan Greeson

Faculty Spotlight: An Interview with Megan Greeson

Megan Greeson is a professor in the College of Science and Health. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the clinical and community psychology programs. What’s the biggest challenge you encounter in teaching, and how do you respond to this challenge?  One of the biggest challenges I face is getting students engaged in my statistics […]

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Peggy Maki

Moving forward with SoTL

You may have heard about a trend in higher education called the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, or SoTL. Here in the Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment we are committed to increasing awareness of and interest in SoTL on campus. Our effort started in earnest in 2013, but we aim to make 2014 the […]

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Photo of student cheating

What might we learn from cheaters?

College students’ self-reports of cheating  have remained stubbornly high over the past five decades, with anywhere from 60 to 80 percent of students having admitted to violating one kind of academic integrity principle or another. What, besides its ubiquity, can be said of this startling phenomenon? One of the most recent contributors to the conversation […]

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