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The Best Graduation Advice

What’s the best advice you can give a new graduate? Might it be contained in one word, like that famous line from 1967’s The Graduate, where the character played by Dustin Hoffman receives an enigmatic tip from a family friend? Skipping ahead almost 5o years, someone looking to make a prediction about a future lucrative career might as […]

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photo of scantron test

Testing as a Tool for Student Success

Most people will likely tell you they dislike taking tests. I know that I still occasionally have nightmares where I am back in college and have to take a final exam for a class in which I never enrolled. However, recent research tells us that retrieval practice, frequent and short tests over a period of time, […]

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Understanding Learning as Students Experience It

“What do students learn at DePaul?”  On its surface, this seems like a fairly straightforward question.  However, the trickier question may be “how do we know?”  This is where assessment comes into play.  Commonly, universities try to answer this question by assessing learning outcomes in courses, academic programs, and sometimes co-curricular programs, separately.  However, I […]

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2014 Teaching and Learning Conference Wordle

Reflecting on the 2014 Teaching and Learning Conference

I always leave conferences feeling inspired by new ideas and enthusiastic about applying them to my work. However, like many other conference-goers, I don’t always take time to articulate the most important concepts that I’m taking away and how I plan to act on them. After attending this year’s Annual DePaul Faculty Teaching and Learning Conference, I’m taking […]

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The DePaul Catholic School in Germantown, Philadelphia

Learning Outside the Classroom

“Who wants to work with the young ones, the first-graders?” Ms. Coleman asked. I raised my hand slowly, thinking I might be a better tutor to children who are around my niece’s and nephew’s ages. “Okay, you’ll be working in Mr. Durnell’s and Ms. Gladys’ classroom.” While I was a bit anxious at first, especially […]

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Image of globe with greetings in different languages

Learning Across Borders

What do English grad students studying creative writing in Birmingham and Mexican college students studying Information Technology in Tabasco have in common? Probably more than you might think, given the fact that they–and we–live in an increasingly connected world. But soon there will be one more point of confluence: Both groups will collaborate across borders with […]

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