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cartoon of students graduating from college

Helping Students Persevere

I firmly believe everyone should have to opportunity to receive a college degree. In fact, this belief is one of the reasons I was drawn to working at DePaul. DePaul’s mission statement  includes the following: “Originally founded for students from the greater Chicago area, and still serving them predominantly, DePaul continues its commitment to the […]

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Image of woman in front of large reflective bean

The What, Why, and How of Metacognitive Teaching

The recent publication of two books on metacognitive teaching suggests that metacognitive pedagogies are going mainstream in higher eduction. College teaching specialist Linda Nilson’s (2013) Creating Self-Regulated Learners provides general strategies for easy classroom implementation while the collection Using Reflection and Metacognition to Improve Student Learning (2013) explores metacognitive teaching in a range of disciplines. […]

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Photo of little girl holding card that says "Keep it up"

Increasing student motivation

In a recent op-ed appearing in the New York Times, psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski and Barry Schwartz summarized the results of their recent study  on the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. People with intrinsic (or internal) motivation, as the psychologists Deci and Ryan (2008) describe, are “people who perform activities because of the positive feelings […]

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