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"Calculator" by Anssi Koskinen (CC BY 2.0).

A New Way to Grade

Looking for a grading system that better reflects learning outcomes, motivates students to excel, and cuts down on your grading time? You might try the approach that Linda Nilson promotes in her new book, Specifications Grading: Restoring Rigor, Motivating Students, and Saving Faculty Time, published earlier this year by Stylus. Specifications—or specs—grading is an alternative […]

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The Think-Pair-Scare

As educators, we are encouraged to structure group break-outs and discussions into our lessons and lectures.  From a pedagogical standpoint, group discussions and projects assist students in deepening understanding of the topic at hand while fostering teamwork, a valued skill that proves beneficial throughout innumerable facets of life.  So why, when I am asked to […]

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Women construction workers

Britain’s Bet on a “Teaching Excellence Framework”

An experiment in higher education is set to begin—or really continue—as Britain moves forward with reforms to its higher education sector, begun in 2012 under Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s coalition government. Earlier this month, the English minister for universities and science, Jo Johnson, announced a national project for assessing teaching in higher education, called the […]

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