Skyler’s MAT 130 Resources – DePaul Supplemental Instruction

Below are some resources that I think are helpful for MAT 130 students . If you have any questions come to an SI session or leave a comment below. You can also upload any of your helpful resources in the comment section!

My Session Schedule, Spring 2016

[box]Tuesday 6-7pm, Richardson Library 105

Thursday 4-5pm, Richardson Library 105

Office Hour – Monday 6-7pm, Richardson Library 105 [/box]

Can’t attend any of my sessions? Check out other MAT 130 SI leaders’ schedules here.

About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Skyler, and I will be your Supplemental Instruction Leader for Math 130 this quarter! As an SI Leader I will helping you prepare for quizzes and tests, as well as answering any of your questions regarding homework and content covered in lecture. I took Math 130 my first quarter here at DePaul, and I found SI Sessions and Office Hours INCREDIBLY helpful! They really do help with grades and getting a firm grasp on the content, since math classes from this point on use a large majority of what you learn in Math 130. I will be going over TONS of practice problems since that the way to know what you need to work on and what you have mastered, reinforcing what you know. Can’t come to my SI Sessions? No problemo! Shoot me an email with any of your questions and if you need resources I provided that day, or feel free to go to another SI Session hosted by another leader.  Never be afraid to ask questions, this is YOUR grade!

A little bit about me, I am a sophomore here at DePaul majoring in Biology and minoring in Math. After DePaul, I am wanting to go to Pharmacy School to become a Pharmacist. I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and I have fallen in love with Chicago ever since starting at DePaul! Outside of classes I enjoy reading, yoga, movies, exploring Chicago, cooking/baking, traveling, and spending time with my friends. In addition I love gardening, but it’s a little difficult to do in Chicago! I also am a licensed pharmacy technician at CVS/Pharmacy right by campus, so I am in the area often.

I am really looking forward to working with all of you this quarter, and feel free to ask me for help whenever needed. I will be attending every lecture with you, so I will be able to answer questions before and after lecture as well. Let’s have a wonderful quarter!

I’m going to help you go from this… To this!

As I mentioned earlier, I will providing a good amount of practice problems to help you guys gain a better sense of what you need to improve upon. I will post problems here on the blog in addition to bringing them into the sessions. You are more than likely not going to benefit from just reading the text book, that’s why practice problems are a great way to diagnose what you as a student needs to work on. Math is different than most classes because it is more about the application of what you know as opposed to memorization. Here are some tips that really helped me when taking Math 130 last year:

-Stay on top of the online homework and quizzes, they will sneak up on you! I unfortunately learned that the hard way. 🙁

-Come to class. As he mentioned, Professor will know when you aren’t in class. You don’t want your grade to suffer! Plus, what we will be doing in SI sessions includes building on what we covered in lecture and making sure you understand what was taught; not reteaching the material entirely. Therefore, JUST coming to SI sessions will not replace going to lecture or help you.

-Do practice problems in the textbook. Even though the majority of quizzes and all of the homework is online, the textbook is always a good resource. It’s never a bad idea to double check and make sure you completely understand the material!

-Go to Office Hours. Professors specifically set this time aside for you outside of class. It’s a great resource if you want one-on-one attention and just a good idea in general!

-Saved the best for last here.. come to the SI Sessions!! It’s different than tutoring because we will be working as a group to help you understand the content. Working as a group is proven to be one of the most effective ways to study, and there is no possible harm in coming. It will only help! Also, there might be candy. Guess you’ll have to come to find out.

Videos and Handouts

Here is a link to practice problems that I put together covering this week.

Download (DOCX, 5KB)

Here is a picture to help with shifting of the square root functions!


Hi Everyone! Here is another practice quiz I put together.

Download (DOCX, 5KB)

Hey Everyone, here is the practice quiz for quiz one if you need some extra practice!

Download (DOC, 34KB)

Here is a picture to help with shifting when it comes to graphs! 🙂

Hey MAT 130 gang! Here is my first post relating to review problems. There is an easy, medium, and hard problem. If you are still lost on this material, I have my office hour tomorrow (Tuesday) from 11-12 in JTR 105, and a review session also tomorrow 7-8 pm in JTR 105. It’s a good idea to start studying now!!

Easy: Calculate the average rate of change (AOC) from [1,2] with the given function f(x)=2x^3 + 4x^2 +x+1.

Medium: Calculate the average rate of change (AOC) from [0,3] with the given function f(x)= (4x+3)/(x^2 -6).

Hard: Calculate the average rate of change from [-1,1] with the given function f(x)=(5x^2 +4x)/(4x^3 -2).

Answers will be posted tomorrow, happy studying!!

Here is an refresher on exponential functions!

Hi Everyone, I have a new video I found on logarithmic functions! This should help with getting down the properties of the log function.

Check out this link for tips on exponential functions!

Here is a video about composite functions! We will be going over these today in our regular session, so if you are still lost you have quite a few resources!

Hey Everyone! Here is a video on functions, specifically finding the domain and range. Using videos are a great resource, since you see and hear how others work out problems. They are also good resources for practice problems too!

Hey Everyone! Here is a video for you guys to check out. It does a really good job of explaining how to determine if a function is even or odd. I can assure you that you will need to know this because it is the last topic we covered in lecture before the exam. Don’t forget to start studying and avoid cramming!